i replaced writing with spotify playlists?

a first jump into writing regularly! woohoo

sharvani jha

Mar 22, 2020



hi internet, i'm sharvani and i like space.
i haven't been writing at all lately, so i'm using urspace's 14 day blog challenge as a way to jumpstart my familiarity with the english language so i can get back to my usual articulate (or even cohesive) self.
- - - 
college has been a busy time. i threw myself into a couple of activities and never really budgeted time to take a breather. thus, once i got to college i stopped writing entirely - even the most basic journaling has been at a standstill. as the frequency and amount of writing i was doing decreased, however, both metrics increased sharply for another activity i had previously only done occasionally: making spotify playlists. 
case in point: over the last twelve weeks, i've made twenty playlists. each has a specifically chosen artwork and its own description.
it's an interesting shift to switch from using full sentences / short paragraphs to debrief on my college experience to certain pairings of songs with specific artwork, but it hasn't been too bad. it also saves time - whenever i journal, i need to write things out by hand and that can take a while. if i'm getting back into writing, however, it'll be interesting to see whether i can keep it up, especially given that ucla will be providing remote instruction through the end of the quarter. i'd be interested in seeing whether i change how i split my time between playlists and writing, especially if i'm going to be home for an extended period of time.
- - -
it'll be interesting to see how my feelings regarding social distancing (especially in the context of my organizations) change as spring quarter begins. i do know, however, that there is a 99.99% chance i will be making a playlist called 'i kind of maybe sort of miss my friends'. no amount of writing will put that one off.
happy (early) sunday. good night!