Moonshots Director

When: May 2018 - Apr 2021

Moonshots Director

- Created and led new board position dedicated to helping start new ACM initiatives that would benefit the UCLA tech community.

- Helped spearhead the creation of 2 new initiatives in ACM: ACM | JEDI (an initiative to improve justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within ACM) and ACM | Impact (social impact tech initiative).

Outreach Director

- Helped found and lead ACM AI's Outreach Initiative.

- Spearheaded the setup and execution of a weekly AI/ML course at North Hollywood High School.

- Put on the first iteration of Demystifying AI, a one-off event meant to be a non-technical introduction to AI through a case study of smart cars from both a technical and ethical perspective.

AI Officer

- Taught quarter-long weekly Beginner Track workshop on linear regression, logistic regression, and an introduction to neural networks.

- Taught quarter-long weekly Advanced Track workshop series on neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and autoencoders.