Software Developer, Social Chair

When: Oct 2018 - Jun 2021
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Software Development Lead

- Oversaw software development efforts and weekly subsystem meetings within a 30-person UCLA-run NASA space weather mission using two 3U+ CubeSats currently orbiting Earth with over $3M in funding.

- Managed development of all Python modules used for the mission operations pipeline of scheduling activities for, communicating with, and processing data from satellites daily. Managed 12-week software refactor effort using agile development practices.

Software Developer

- Developed and maintained a module (Python) that automates scheduling activities for satellites through deconflicting and scheduling of satellite activities and onboard flash space usage.

- Developed and maintained a module (Python / MySQL) that compiles human-readable activities to commands that can be executed by the flight computer on orbit.

Social Chair (self-appointed)

Organized social events to promote cross-subteam interaction and overall team synergy.